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The Pogo Stick World Record: A Look at the Current Record Holders

Created 05/25/2017 03:29 AM
The pogo stick is a classic childhood toy that has been around for centuries, providing children with hours of entertainment. It is a simple but effective piece of equipment that has been used in various sporting competitions. One of the most impressive feats that can be achieved on a pogo stick is setting a world record. So, what is the current pogo stick world record and who holds it?

The world record for the highest jump on a pogo stick stands at an incredible 11.5 feet (3

5m). It was set on October 8th, 2011 by American pogo stick enthusiast, Aaron Fotheringham. As well as being the highest jump ever accomplished on a pogo stick, it is also the highest jump ever achieved by anyone in a wheelchair.

Aaron Fotheringham was born with spina bifida, a birth defect that affects the spinal cord and has caused him to be wheelchair-bound since birth. However, this didn’t stop him from becoming a passionate pogo stick enthusiast. He was just 10 years old when he first started jumping on a pogo stick and he quickly perfected his skills. After a few years of practice, he was able to make huge leaps and jumps, eventually setting the world record for the highest jump on a pogo stick.
Aaron’s record-breaking jump was part of a pogo stick stunt show in Las Vegas. The event was organized by a company called Xpogo, which specializes in extreme pogo stick stunts. The show was attended by thousands of people and Aaron’s record-breaking jump was featured on the popular television show, “Ripley’s Believe It or Not”.

Aaron’s record-breaking feat has not been surpassed since, although there have been a number of other impressive pogo stick jumps that have come close. One of the most impressive jumps was achieved by Australian pogo stick enthusiast, Bradyn Smith

On November 25th, 2018, Bradyn jumped an incredible 11.2 feet (3.4m) on a pogo stick, narrowly missing Aaron’s record.

In addition to Aaron Fotheringham and Bradyn Smith, there have been several other pogo stick enthusiasts who have pushed the boundaries of the sport. American pogo stick enthusiast, David Cooper, has achieved several impressive jumps, including a 10

8 foot (3.3m) jump in 2016. British pogo stick enthusiast, Josh Gidley, has achieved a number of impressive jumps, including a 10.4 foot (3.2m) jump in 2018.

The current world record for the highest jump on a pogo stick stands at 11.5 feet (3

5m) and is held by American pogo stick enthusiast, Aaron Fotheringham. Despite a few impressive jumps that have come close, Aaron’s record-breaking jump has remained unbeaten since 2011.

Pogo stick enthusiasts around the world continue to push the boundaries of the sport, attempting to set new records and achieve amazing feats. There is no doubt that in the coming years, we will see more impressive jumps and possibly even a new world record. Until then, Aaron Fotheringham’s world record will remain the highest jump ever achieved on a pogo stick.

From extreme athletes pushing the boundaries of the sport to children playing in the backyard, the pogo stick continues to be one of the most popular toys in the world. And with the current world record standing at 11

5 feet (3.5m), it is clear that the pogo stick is a toy that can facilitate some pretty amazing feats.

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